• ""...You, Afton, are to be personally commended for your outstanding skills as my representing agent. You are professional, knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, a woman of integrity, and a true leader when it comes to managing your fine team."

    – Rita C.

  • "It is my absolute pleasure to endorse Afton! We lived in the Talmadge area of San Diego for a number of years and Afton was our neighbor. We knew her from her excellent reputation in the community and it seemed as if all the homes in this quaint area of San Diego were represented by Afton."

    – Laura B.

  • "If you are considering selling a home in the metro San Diego area, I would highly recommend calling Afton Miller first! I initially chose her because she has been selling homes and living here for many years, so she is really an expert when it comes to knowing our local neighborhoods."

    – - Faye A.

  • "Selling a home is a stressful experience, but Afton really goes above and beyond to make things as simple as possible. I would strongly recommend Afton to anyone looking to bury or sell in central San Diego (and particularly in Talmadge or Kensington where she is a local). She exceeded our expectations and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

    – Heather P.

  • "During the sale process, Afton was available for questions and provided good advice -- advice which turned out to be the right way to go when negotiating the price of the sale. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor, and especially for those people in North Park and the Morley Field area."

    – Edward G.